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Mesothelioma Research Approach | Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation

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Our Approach

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Let's connect the dots.

The Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation was established with a single, over-arching goal in mind: to support mesothelioma research and help advance care for mesothelioma victims. But there is no single solution to this crisis. To help bring an end to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease, we seek to work with the medical community by:

Funding research: We partner with established experts, thought-leaders and treatment providers in the mesothelioma research field. Our goal is to fund organizations, researchers, hospitals and mesothelioma experts to support crucial research into the treatment of this rare and often overlooked form of cancer. Learn more about our current research efforts.

Building awareness: Mesothelioma is a complex and little known disease. More than 3,000 Americans are diagnosed every year, typically after years of exposure to asbestos, and too few are unaware about its social, economic and personal impact on families across the country. We strive to get the word out about this deadly but preventable disease in our efforts to eliminate the needless suffering of its victims. Learn more about mesothelioma.

Collaborating with advocates: We seek to collaborate with individuals and organizations in making the dangers of asbestos known, as well as the dire need for more federal funding for mesothelioma research. Our mission is to give a voice to those whose lives have been devastated by mesothelioma.