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Mesothelioma Research | Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation

Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation

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Mesothelioma Research Partnerships

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Do you have a project that would be of interest to the Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation? Contact us.

Joining forces. Finding a cure.

To cure mesothelioma, we need more than a hero. We need a whole team of heroes, working tirelessly to uncover the mysteries behind mesothelioma, to develop more advanced treatments, and, ultimately, to find a way to stop the progression of this devastating disease. 

By providing funding for cutting-edge research, the Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation seeks to support and expand the team of heroes that are currently fighting for this cause. We identify and partner with expert oncologists, researchers, patient caregivers and advocates, hospitals, universities, philanthropic organizations, and others in the ongoing fight against mesothelioma. 

Starting with an allocation of over $2 million in 2010, the Foundation has initiated its efforts through support of programs for the following partners: 


Dr. Harvey Pass at NYU Medical Center, author of 100 Questions & Answers About Mesothelioma 


Dr. Robert Taub at Columbia University, Director of the Mesothelioma Center


Dr. Hedy Lee Kindler, Director, Mesothelioma Program at the University of Chicago Medical Center


University of Pennsylvania Mesothelioma and Pleural Disease Program


Mesothelioma Specialty Cancer Care Center
The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and UPMC Cancer Centers


The Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
The University of California - San Francisco